WLHL Services

WMBA & LEBA (Holdings) Limited (WLHL) have managed critical and non-critical benchmarks ensuring compliance with IOSCO principles since inception, approved and attested by Promontory Financial Group.

Administration Services

WLHL are perfectly positioned to use our experience to develop and run your index products. Acting as your outsourced administrator, WLHL can provide full index administration including, but not limited to; collection of input data, governance, monitoring, oversight and calculation, returning to you an approved product whilst allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Customers who only require assistance with specific elements of the administration process which they are unable or unwilling to carry out in house, WLHL can tailor its governance framework to carry out specific administrative functions aimed at assisting customers to meet regulatory requirements whilst retaining control, ownership and intellectual property of its indices.

Administration functions that can be carried out by WLHL, either individually or as full end-to-end administration, include:-

  • Data Collection & Aggregation: collection and standardisation of ‘Input Data’ into a centralised repository using various collection methods such as SFTP, standalone applications or trading platforms.

  • Data Monitoring: applying the appropriate checks and controls over the input data to ensure the validity of contributions/submissions.

  • Calculation Agent: applying a robust methodology to the input data to generate the required index.

  • Oversight Function: providing the appropriate hosted forum with necessary personnel. Responsibilities including items such as reviewing index definition and methodologies and ensuring the indices remain fit for purpose.

  • Governance: providing the overall governance framework wrapper to challenge individual aspects of the administration and ensure compliance with appropriate regulation whilst managing conflicts of interest where they exist.

Finally, the index is returned to you to enjoy the benefits of an endorsed and approved index product which supports your core business without the requirement to take on the risks and processes.

Distribution and Licensing Services

Once the determination of the benchmark has been carried out, WLHL through its experience of administering indices, can provide distribution and licensing services to disseminate those products on behalf of their members and customers.

  • WLHL have experience in designing and implementing licensing models for critical and non-critical benchmarks and indices on behalf of customers.

  • Through WLHL’s long experience in developing, administering and distributing indices we can help with innovative product development.

  • WLHL have, through in-house development and key partnerships, established and growing routes to market for the technical and commercial distribution of index data.

  • Understanding the unique challenges in distributing indices means that we can ensure your indices are managed correctly throughout the distribution process.


Head Office

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